Carley’s Organic Cornish Nut Butter’s



Carley’s Organic Cornish Nut Butter’s

Carley’s of Cornwall Ltd is a manufacturing company 100% dedicated to making a range of lovely organic foods.

Raw Nut Butters.

•  they are all gluten-free and vegan
•  they are all made without added sugar or salt
•  none contain any palm fat or other emulsifiers
•  all can be stored without refrigeration until they are opened

Roasted Nut Butters

• they are all gluten-free
• no added sugar
• no added salt (except a tiny bit in the roasted pinenut)
• store without refrigeration until opened
• all vegan

Additional information

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Butter Type

Raw Whole Almond 250g, Peanut Butter 250g, Cashew Roasted Nut Butter 170g