Cornish Edible Insects


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Food For Thought
Edible Insects can be used in a huge variety of different culinary delights. from modern classics, to mind-blowing flavour combinations, there is truly something for everyone.
Edible Insects can make innovative sides, fully-fledged dishes or conventional fare.

Why Eat Insects ?
1. Insects could be the solution to world hunger
2. They are highly nutritious. Caterpillars, for example, provide more protein and more iron than the same quantity of minced beef.
3. Insects release fewer greenhouse gases than traditional livestock
4. They’re everywhere
5. They are naturally sustainable. Mealworms, for example, survive on waste wheat chaff.

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Cornish Edible Insects

Dried Mealworms 35g, Silkworm Pupae, Falafel Mix