Cornish Sea Salt Flakes and Salt & Peppery


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Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are beautiful microscopic pyramids, full of a mineral-rich zestiness, that are soft and melting on the palate. Allowing tastes to build and evolve, they are perfect as a natural finishing salt, dissolving quickly to give an initial hit of sea saltiness and splashing a little alchemy onto the simplest of dishes. Use to complement and transform rather than to dominate and define.

Cornish Sea salt don’t want to brag, but think it’s the pimento pepper that really makes the Salt & Peppery blend. It’s all about the fine detail and that’s why they  meticulously mixed up a blend of sea salt with cracked black peppercorns, red pepper, green peppercorns and pimento. Why settle for the same old ground black pepper and table salt when you can do so much better?

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Sea Salt Flakes 150g, Salt & Peppery 185g


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