Cornish Seaweed Bath Products


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Cornish Seaweed bath products from the Seaweed Bath Company.

Seaweed is an amazing ingredient for skin-care.

Howling winds, harsh sun, lashing rain, coastal chill and salty air…..
Skin needs a little extra help in protecting itself from these strong Coastal climates.
Seaweed undergoes the full force of these elements with no means of external protection, so it has had to develop its own system of resilience.
By walking down to the clean, sparkling and regularly tested waters of the Cornish coastline on a large Spring tide, we hand cut and olive brown variety of seaweed to harness its natural resilience and infuse this seaweed potency in our natural skincare range.

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Pure Seaweed Bath, Seaweed Soap 100g, Seaweed Soap 25g


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