Keltec Breweries fine Cornish Ales from Redruth


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The Keltek Brewery began life as a small 2.5 barrel plant in a stable on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall,
after winning Gold for the beer ‘Kornish Nektar’ the Brewery relocated to a 20 barrel plant in Lostwithiel, a few years later and following several more awards the Brewery moved to its current location in Redruth.

Keltec Magic 4.0% ABV The benchmark brew, a traditional bitter full of hops and malt flavours with gentle bitterness.
Keltec King 5.1% ABV King is paler than many bitters whilst remaining exceptionally well balanced and long lasting on the palate.
Keltec Golden Lance 4.0% ABV Designed for the younger person’s palate, pale and fruity with a citrus bias.

Beheaded 7.5% ABV Beheaded is Keltek’s strongest ale; dark and deceptive with a smooth, slightly sweet first impression and none of the alcoholic twang often associated with strong beers. Its complex, indulgent flavour is legendary.

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