Miss Muffett Cheese Truckle 250gm


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At the family farm in Bude, Cornwall, Sue Proudfoot has come up with with some really great Cornish cheeses, which are still made on the farm today.

Miss Muffett is a young hand made pasteurised farmhouse cheese with a full, creamy, sweet, round flavour and a superb soft, smooth texture.

Sue Proudfoot lives with her husband and two children with four other families on the Whalesborough Estate near Bude. She embarked on her cheese-making career some eight years ago, really out of desperation. She had no qualifications and there was no chance of getting a decent job locally. The family needed an additional source of income, husband Frazer milked cows every day and so it was to cheese that she turned. With help from a friend of her mother’s who taught Sue to make cheese she started making her own cheese is a converted corner of the grain store. It was very hard to start with and after a few trips to London with a back pack full of cheese the big boys realized she was serious. She now sells to Fortnum and Masons as well as small deli’s and restaurants all over the West Country and is doing very nicely thank you.

Only Available in November and December.

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