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Todka Cornish Toffee Vodka ABV 26% is a deliciously smooth, toffee flavoured vodka, first discovered in the ski and board resorts of the Alps at Todka’s Newquay site in Cornwall, they have spent many years developing the secret recipe, which has now produced the finest quality extra-clear Todka.

Vodka, Toffee, then Banoffee. Its Bananas! An extra dimension to the original everything you have come to expect, with a crash of Banana to make your day!

Vodka, Toffee then Hazelnut. Does it really taste like the chocolate bar with one in every bite! you tell us, we are not sure we only know it tastes great!

Take your Todka anyway you like – as a shooter, over ice, in cocktails, or enjoy in a long drink with the mixer of your choice.

Todka is also excellent served over ice cream in deserts, or with coffee.

Try all 3 flavours with the Trio Offer
1 x Toffee
1 x Banoffee
1 x Hazelnut

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Type of Todka

Original Toffee £24, Banoffee £24, Hazelnut £24, Todka Trio £67.50


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